Flood barriers are one of the oldest and most popular methods of protection for your home and it’s not without good reason that this defence is one of the most trusted across the world. They are an extremely versatile solution that is well suited to areas prone to flooding, as well as those that are not. As one of the only ‘removable’ flood defences, flood barriers are a great option for those who want to maintain the exterior aesthetics of their home without compromising on safety.

They are Bespoke

Unlike other defences, flood barriers are unique to every property which helps them to be more effective in their role. By cutting flood barriers to the correct size for the opening they are covering, these installations sit flush ensuring that there are no gaps or a loose seal where water can seep through. By being bespoke to the property, those who install these defences benefit from the best possible value methods and service, which can not be said for other defences.

They are Easy to Set Up

Flood barriers slot into place and are not a permanent fixture making them easy to install when rain is forecast and easy to remove when not in use. Simply slide the flood barrier into place ensuring that each side is correctly positioned behind the holsters and when removing, slide upwards and remove from their position.

They are Versatile

These flood defences can be installed on several properties and on several different entrance points making them a versatile, whole-home solution. Our team of flood defence specialists can install these barriers to protect doors, garages, garden perimeters, outbuilding entrances, alleyways and can even install them internally for an added layer of protection.

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