Flood defences by name and nature are employed by homes and businesses to protect their buildings, assets and possessions against the damaging effects of floodwater, but many people are still without any form of defence. Over 5 million properties in the UK are at risk of flooding and heavy rains, burst riverbanks and tidal surges cost approximately 1.1 billion pounds every single year. Unfortunately, when flooding hits, it is often home and business owners who are left to recoup their costs and pay for the damage, but flood defences can help – before and after it occurs.

Get Insurance

Having a flood-survey and installing some of the recommended measures can help people in flood-prone areas to secure home insurance. Often, those living near rivers, on the coast or in low lying land are unable to obtain affordable insurance, because of the costs and associated with flooding and the probability that it will occur, forcing the insurance company to pay out, many companies will simply not provide cover to those who haven’t got adequate defences. Therefore, if you are planning on moving into a flood-prone area or changing home insurance providers at any point, it is wise to have a survey conducted and ensure your defences are up to date.

Your Property Has Been Flooded

Whether in the past or the present, your property has experienced a flood, then you will realise the importance of having adequate defences. Even if the property has not flooded during your residence in it, it is important to determine whether or not it has done in the past, by looking at news reports, land records and asking around the area. Even installing a single flood defence, can help to prevent the amount of damage flooding inflicts onto a home and is highly recommended for properties that have experienced flooding, even if only once.

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